OpenStage Theatre & Company has begun planning for our upcoming 50th anniversary season beginning in 2023. A steering committee has been formed that is organizing a year-long celebration of OpenStage, an exploration of how we got here, and our looks ahead to the future. To do this, we need your help!

Not only are we collecting artifacts to use in exhibits and complete the OST archives, but we want your stories to be told in forthcoming projects such as a coffee table book, documentary film, and more as part of the celebration. Learn more about how you can help below...

How You Can Help


Unfortunately, our collection of even the most basic items, such as program/playbills, posters, and postcards or flyers is incomplete. So, we are calling upon you to help us round out our collection.

Here is a list of items that we are missing. Also, here is a complete list OpenStage Plays and Events per season, if you are like us, and need a reminder of which shows actually occurred between one season and the next.

In addition, we would welcome any unique items - props, costumes, newspaper or magazine articles, lighting plots, soundtracks, 2D or 3D set designs, and any other relevant items. Contact us below if you have any artifacts that you wish to lend to OST for curated events.

Your Stories

We plan to use the 50th anniversary to look back on the people, places, and productions that have brought us here, and to do that, we want to collect your stories!

Have a funny story about something that happened during a production? Amusing anecdotes from past picnic after-parties? Embarrassing stories about Bruce and Denise? We want them all!

Please submit your story below for consideration in our upcoming book and documentary projects.

Get In Touch

Please use the form below or contact us at [email protected].
Thank you so much for your support!