MATTHEW STALKER graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and a Minor in Psychology. He made his stage debut with OpenStage Theatre as the Angel in Saint Joan and appeared most recently with the Company in the title role in Bullshot Crummond, as Richard Hannay in 39 Steps, as Dwight in Dead Man's Cell Phone and as Jean-Francois Millet in Is He Dead? ("The most fun I have ever had dressing up as a woman."). Other roles with OpenStage include Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice and God in The Harvey Project. Under the direction of Peter Anthony, he appeared with Front Range Community College as Jonathan Harker in Dracula and the Bridegroom in Blood Wedding. A native of Southern Colorado, Matthew has always had a strong, abiding love to both entertain and be entertained and decided that acting is a great venue for both ("Once I started acting, I caught the bug and never want to be rid of it.").
Matthew's Work in OpenStage Theatre
Event Role
Don't Dress For Dinner- Essential Season Bernard
Bullshot Crummond Bullshot Crummond
The 39 Steps *Richard Hannay
Dead Man's Cell Phone Dwight
Is He Dead? *Jean-FrancoisMillet
Pride And Prejudice *Mr. Darcy
The Harvey Project God
Saint Joan Poulengey/Angel/Gentleman