MAYA JAIRAM is excited to step onto the stage with OpenStage Theatre under the direction of Denise, again. Maya has previously appeared in The Comedy of Errors as the Officer with OpenStage. She loves to sing and dance, even though, it is not France. She is a founding member of Horseteeth Improv, and thinks being on the backline is an underrated form of thrill-seeking. She was among the nominees for two Regional Broadway World Small Ensemble Awards this year--because, like with this show, she keeps striking gold by being cast in brilliant ensembles. Maya continues to valiantly fight the laundry monster, on a daily basis, which may explain the resentments of both her dogs and her hedgehog. Maya would like to dedicate her performance to the First Nations people whose lands are explored in this show, and to the ever-increasing number of missing Indigenous women and children. May they be found and returned home.
Maya's Work in OpenStage Theatre
Event Role
Men On Boats O.G. Howland (doubles with Tsauwiat, a Ute chief)
The Comedy Of Errors Officer
Viva Las Vegas Newlywed