ALANA ROLFE is a singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and half of VIVIAN, the electronic pop duo born in Fort Collins, CO. VIVIAN’s debut album, The Warped Glimmer, is "Spacy in all the right ways and saturated in the telltale signs of art-rock gone pop, The Warped Glimmer is VIVIAN turning on cruise control and putting the seat back for you. It’s a warm envelope to rest in but exciting enough not to put you to sleep."- BANDWAGON MAGAZINE. Throughout 2020, The Warped Glimmer charted #89 on and the acoustic versions of their songs have been featured on NPR Live Sessions twice. Alana is also known in Colorado for: Stella Luce, Fierce Bad Rabbit, The Slow Crash, Northpaw, …and many more.
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