JUNIPER MCKELVIEbegan acting when the Missoula Children's Theatre rolled into her hometown of Steamboat Springs. She proceeded to act in every play possible before graduating high school and then...she stopped acting for 15 years. There were supposedly more important things to do, like work in publishing, create a meditation app, write a novel, or be a nun. Yes, she was even a nun in a modern monastery in the remote jungle regions of Vermont before she remembered how much she liked acting! (But she never finished a novel because she decided to be a playwright instead.) Coming back to acting as an adult has been joyous and challenging and it feels like the exact right thing to be doing right now. She is thrilled to join the OpenStage community of artists and audience members. You can follow her on Insta at juni.mck Now let the play begin!
Juniper's Work in OpenStage Theatre
Event Role
Cyrano De Bergerac Cuigy/Poet/Cadet/Musician