Tyler takes the stage for the very first time with OpenStage in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night!

Headshot for Tyler Rayburn

Tell us about yourself! What training or other theatre experiences did you have before working on this show?

I’ve been kicking around the Fort Collins theater scene for about a decade, working with La-De-Da, Encore! Encore!, Fort Collins Children’s Theatre and, most recently, Bas Bleu. I was always interested in acting growing up but didn’t dip my toe into it until one of my kids was on stage as Tiny Tim, and I am so glad I got the courage to try!

What is something you spend your free time doing, outside of theatre?

Typical geek things: reading, video games, listening to podcasts. I’m an occasional (and bad) runner. I love spending time with my family, whether it’s camping or traveling or just walking the dogs.

How did you hear about OpenStage? What compelled you to audition for this show?

You can’t be interested in any part of Colorado theater and NOT hear about OpenStage! This particular show was my first attempt at performing Shakespeare outside of small monologues, so I was excited to take a crack at it.

What has been your favorite part of rehearsals so far?

Seeing so many talented actors make the script come alive and make it accessible to an audience. Taylor’s musical additions and choices have been a real bright spot among that!

What is your favorite character from the show (other than your own)? Why is that one your favorite?

Toby Belch! He’s brazen, obnoxious, and hilarious.

What is your favorite line in the show?

“What I am and what I would are as secret as maidenhead: to your ears, divinity; to any other's, profanation.”

What is your favorite role you’ve played in the past?

I just finished a reader’s theater performance of Queen by Madhuri Shekar. It was the first time I’d acted as an antagonist in a play, and it was FUN.


By William Shakespeare
Directed by Debbie Swann

June 8–July 13, 2024
Playing in the Park at Columbine Health Systems

Come see Tyler take the stage in "Twelfth Night" June 8- July 13!

In a rambunctious story of hidden identities and misplaced love, the witty, resourceful, and inventive Viola turns tragedy and loss into a life-changing experience for herself and everyone she touches. Shipwrecked in a strange new land, this charming woman proves to be equally charming disguised as a man as she manages to throw the collective romantic life of the island into further disarray. In a place where everyone is in love with someone, but no one is in love with the someone who loves them back, Viola may just be the soul to set them right. Full of humor and hijinks, Twelfth Night showcases a whirlwind of unbridled passion and embraces the insanity of love. Walk in, bike in, or drive in! Featuring nightly food trucks.