• Comedy

Bright Ideas

By Eric Coble Directed By Debbie Swann

Playing January 7 - February 4, 2017

"A tidy little gem of comic insanity." –Variety

Preschool mania has taken Bright Ideas Academy by storm, and one couple will stop at nothing to get their child into the best school. You may never look at parenting – or pesto – the same way again.

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The Story 

How far would you go for your child? For Genevra and Joshua Bradley, the question is no longer hypothetical. Their 3-year-old son, Mac, is next on the waiting list to get into the Bright Ideas Early Childhood Development Academy - and everyone knows once a child is accepted, his life will unfold with glorious ease. Josh and Gen have had to scramble all their lives to get this far…and now they are one fatal dinner party away from the ultimate success as parents: The Right Preschool. Bright Ideas creates an outrageously funny look at what happens when a horde of soccer Moms cross the line for good!

The Experience

Bright Ideas is a delicious night of comedy with a touch of satire. Perfect for the first-time theatre goer, this play will have you laughing away the evening (and we recommend you enjoy a pasta dinner before the show for maximum comedic effect)! Seasoned theatre-goers may recognize the subtle comedic references to Shakespeare’s MacBeth (but don’t say MacBeth in the theatre, it’s bad luck you know). This is the perfect night out for family, friends, or the couple who needs to escape their own parenting challenges for a night.

The Creator

American Theatre Magazine called Eric Coble “A Playwright to Watch: An unqualified original with rich and idiosyncratic works… A spirit of playful invention pervades Coble’s repertoire” We know this is true because even his website is funny! His work has been produced Off-Broadway, in all fifty states of the U.S., and on several continents. Awards include the AATE Distinguished Play Award for Best Adaptation, an Emmy nomination, the Chorpenning Playwriting Award for Body of Work, the AT

(Photo by Lisa DeJong, The Plain Dealer)

Cast and Creatives

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