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By Jane Martin • Directed by Chris Lanphear

May 12 – May 27, 2017

“Mind blowing…Powerful, tragic, romantic. One of the best plays we’ve seen in years.” –Washington Times

A love story between a Hollywood Super Hero (read Hamlet) and an Evangelical Christian (read Ophelia). Who will live, who will die, and can one survive without the other? Welcome to America’s Culture War in the 21st Century.

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H2O is performed at Art Lab, a space for innovation and creativity. We HIGHLY recommend arriving early to leave time for parking. Located at 239 Linden St. 

The Story

Jake found fame and fortune playing a mute Hollywood Super Hero. Anything and everything he could possibly want is at his fingertips, but he still isn’t happy. Searching for meaning and an escape from Hollywood’s sleazy celebrity culture, Jake heads to New York to take on the role of a lifetime – Shakespeare’s - Hamlet. The only thing missing is his Ophelia. Given full casting approval, he embarks on a mission to find his muse and his match. What he finds is a young Evangelical Christian woman named Deborah who is set on getting the role . . . and saving his life. H2O transports audiences into the reclusive, madcap world of Jane Martin's drama/comedy/love story about self-destruction, notoriety and the dark journey to truth and salvation.

"At turns powerful, tragic, romantic, amoral, unself-conscious and self-obsessed, this complex one-act drama and its two passionate, yet oddly distant, characters tumble down through the circles of a Dantesque, or perhaps even an existential hell without ever quite grasping the reasons why...This play is so moving and effective, so completely and entirely unforgettable." - Washington Times

The Experience

Good plays put people in circumstances that force them to confront essential questions; great plays move people past essential questions to a place where there’s nothing left to ask - and leave them there. Jane Martin’s new play H2O puts would-be lovers Jake and Deborah on the road to such a place - a place where their paradigms for processing experience must inevitably fail. The play gives them the ability to understand what’s happening to them, and it gives them the tools to change course; then it steps away and watches them run their operating systems into the ground.

The etcetera Season is raw, real, honest, and intimate cutting-edge theatre in non-traditional spaces. With the actors only a few feet away and seating on four sides of the stage, audience members are drawn deeply into the action of the play, creating a powerful, unforgettable experience. Be prepared for a moving, intimate experience that will leave you thinking and feeling long after the lights come up.

"It will leave you dealing not only with your feelings about the characters, but also reconsidering art, life, and The Meaning of It All." - Broadwayworld.com

The Creator

Who is Jane Martin? Well, no one really knows for sure. Jane Martin is a pen name, but nobody knows his/her true identity. Some speculate that Jon Jory, founder of the renowned Humana Festival for New American Plays in Louisville, Kentucky, is the man behind the mystery. Regardless of who Jane Martin really is, her work is outstanding and must see!

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