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By Nick Dear

Directed by Peter Anthony

October 27 - November 24, 2018

“. . . at the feet of my Master I learnt the highest of human skills, the skill no other creature owns: I finally learnt how to lie.” – The Creature in Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s 200-year-old horror story continues to challenge the modern imagination in Nick Dear’s electrifying new adaptation. Given life by a man playing God, a Creature assembled from corpses sets out into the unforgiving world to discover his humanity. As he becomes increasingly desperate for companionship, the Creature confronts his horror-struck creator to strike a terrifying deal. This thrilling and deeply disturbing retelling will leave you asking, “Which is the man, which is the monster?” Contains mature themes.

Lincoln Center Magnolia Theatre, 417 West Magnolia Street

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Timothy Ackerman as The Creature and Heath Howes as Victor Frankenstein in OpenStage Theatre’s production of Frankenstein by Nick Dear. Photography by Kate Austin-Groen Photography

“This Frankenstein Is a Monster Smash!" - WestWord

The Story

The Creature is cast out by his creator, the young doctor Frankenstein, and unleashed upon the world. He is shunned for his grotesque appearance and spurned by society wherever he goes. When a blind man takes Frankenstein’s monstrous creation under his wing and educates him, the Creature begins to question his existence and to yearn for a future without loneliness. His search for a lifelong partner brings him back to his maker, with vengeance foremost in his mind.

The Experience

Ripe with monstrousness and fitted with touching humanity, Nick Dear’s adaptation turns the story we’ve all come to know on its head. In this retelling, we are all the Creature; baffled by mortality and being, confused by our destiny, and longing for a place in the world where we can feel safe, not savage. The horror of the story comes as much from its depiction of human prejudice and social injustice as it does from the Creature's struggle to control his violent instincts.

With themes of scientific responsibility, parental neglect, cognitive development, and the nature of good and evil woven throughout the tale, you are likely to be thinking and feeling long after the curtain goes down. Full of shocking twists and turns and stunning visual elements, Frankenstein is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats as it brings Frankenstein (and his monster) to life.

The Creators

Mary Shelley was 18, in love with a married poet, and confronting her controlling father when she wrote Frankenstein, 201 years ago in 1817. Widely regarded as the original science fiction novel, Frankenstein continues to challenge modern imaginations as we grapple with the medical and ethical implications of cloning animals for human use and scientific inquiry. https://www.biography.com/people/mary-shelley-9481497

Nick Dear is a British playwright and screenwriter. His best-known plays include The Art of Success and Frankenstein; among his many screenplays are Persuasion and Agatha Christie's Poirot. He lives in London, England. http://nickdear.com/

Nick Dears’ adaptation premiered at the Royal National Theatre in 2011.This production was directed by Danny Boyle the cast included Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller, with the two lead actors alternating the roles of Victor Frankenstein and the Creature.

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