Sincere thanks to everyone who auditioned. If you did not get cast, please know that you were at Final Callbacks because we recognize your talent, and we hope to see you at future auditions!


Hannah: Liz Telling
Ted: Steven P. Sickles
Brock: David Austin-Gröen
Sandeep: Amit Patil
Scooter: Michael Butts

Monty Python’s Spamalot

King Arthur: Charlie Ferrie
Lady of the Lake: Nikki Gibbs
Patsy: Dan Tschirhart
Sir Robin: Will Ferrie
Sir Lancelot: Kiernan Angley
Sir Galahad: TBD
Sir Bedevere: Duane Sawyer
Historian/Not Dead Fred?prince Herbert/et al: Andrew Strider
Male Ensemble:
Charlie Carlton
Tyler Zuschneid
Additional Male Ensemble TBD
Female Ensemble:
Brikai Cordova
Teri English
Natalie Santelli
Briana Sprecher-Kinneer
Corinne Wieben
Sarah Wilhelm