• Winner of the 2011 Colorado Theatre Guild Henry Award for Outstanding Regional Theatre
  • Winner of the 1997 Governors' Award for Excellence in the Arts
  • In 2015 Co-Founder Denise Burson Freestone was selected to be featured in a permanent art exhibit: Women’s Legacy Mural Project of Fort Collins, recognizing notable women of Fort Collins who have contributed to the fabric of our community

"OpenStage Theatre & Company - the trailblazer, the stalwart, the adventurer, almost all things to all theater people in Northern Colorado." - The Loveland Reporter Herald

"OpenStage ... can easily take its place among Colorado's best companies." - The Denver Post

"Without OpenStage a young wayward teen would not have found his first sense of self-worth. I am forever indebted for that." - OST Alumni, Gordon A. Jones

"OpenStage Theatre plays a key role in nurturing the arts community in Fort Collins and, indeed, in all of Northern Colorado.... I can think of no other organizations that deserves support and recognition more than OST." - State Representative, Randy Fischer

"There can be no doubt of OpenStage's ongoing critical and popular acclaim. The City of Fort Collins is indeed fortunate to have such a capable and prolific performing arts producer in residence. Over the years the staff, board members and artists of OpenStage Theatre have contributed extensively to the cultural environment that is so much a part of the quality of life we enjoy in Fort Collins." - Former City of Fort Collins Mayor Ann Azari

"OpenStage sparked something in Fort Collins. It's made this community a better place to be." - Charlie Ferrie, OpenStage Company Artist