OpenStage believes theatre opens the heart and mind.

Founded in 1973, OpenStage has led the cultural development of Northern Colorado while remaining true to its grassroots origins. An OpenStage season brings the best of the national theatre scene to Fort Collins, including comedies, classics, and cutting-edge dramas. In addition to being the primary presenter at the Fort Collins Lincoln Center Magnolia Theatre, OpenStage performs Theatre in the Park and in intimate non-traditional spaces, reaching 10,000 patrons annually. As an independent non-profit, OpenStage works with 150+ local theatre artists each year to deliver exceptional theatre to Northern Colorado, driven by the belief that theatre is vital to a community's creative and economic health.


OpenStage Theatre & Company’s mission is to provide exceptional live theatre that captivates the heart and mind.

Generosity of Spirit. We are committed to enriching the lives of our audience and to broadening the breadth and understanding of our community by sharing the power of live theatre.

Excellence Driven. We believe in creating a quality professional theatrical experience that is inspiring, challenging, transformational, entertaining, exciting and distinctive.

Customer Focused. We believe in responsiveness to our audience, serving a broad socio-economic base, and engaging our audience with innovative, relevant and authentic theatrical creations.

Esprit de Corps. We believe a professionally oriented theatre is vital to the creation of an exceptional artistic product. We are dedicated to creating a culture where artists are empowered to take the risks so necessary to keeping theatre vital and dynamic and to compensate them for their phenomenal contributions.

Future Oriented. We believe theatrical experiences are a dynamic and powerful means of helping young people develop a personal sense of self and an understanding of their relationship and responsibility to the larger community. 

Core Values


OpenStage Theatre & Company will be a successful regional arts producer that consistently delivers magical and transforming experiences.