The Lincoln Center serves as our box office for purchasing tickets for our entire season, regardless of where the production is taking place. They are open 12PM-6PM Tuesday through Sunday. You can stop by in person to avoid ticketing fees. Call 970.221.6730 or purchase tickets online at

Ticket sales for productions off-site from the Lincoln Center are also available 30 minutes before performances at the performance venue.

We perform at various locations throughout the season. Be sure to check the play page on our site for location information.

Great question! No, OpenStage Theatre is a nonprofit that rents the Lincoln Center for 5 shows each season. That makes OpenStage Theatre the Lincoln Center Magnolia Theatre’s largest user! The Lincoln Center also serves as our box office for our entire season, regardless of where the production is taking place.

In addition to performing at the Lincoln Center, we also perform our outdoor show at The Columbine Health Care Systems Park at Worthington Circle and Centre Ave. And our etcetera Season productions are performed in nontraditional settings, such as art galleries and found spaces. We also offer programming that can be performed anywhere, at your company party, in the mall, or on the street! Be sure to check the play page on our site for location information.

Free parking is available at all OpenStage performances, but we encourage arriving early at venues like the Lincoln Center that are in a popular location. Parking is plentiful in the lot at the Center for Fine Art Photography and Columbine Health Systems. We also encourage biking to shows when weather permits, particularly for our outdoor production in June!

In case of inclement weather, we will hold the performance for 10 to 20 minutes before cancelling. If a performance is cancelled due to weather, audience members may exchange their ticket stubs for another performance through the Lincoln Center box office, 970-221-6730.

All sales are final. The Lincoln Center Box Office does not administer refunds. The exception to this is for a cancellation of an event. Credit card purchasers will be refunded to the original card.  Cash & check purchasers will be given the option of:

  1. a Lincoln Center credit for future use, or
  2. a check payment issued from the City of Fort Collins Finance Office

Gift card purchasers will be issued a Lincoln Center credit for future use.

Box Office management reserves the right to administer refunds for exceptional situations, including medical emergencies.

If an event is cancelled, ticket holders will be notified via email, and if there is no email on the account, by phone with a pre-recorded message. The announcement will also be made through,, related social media accounts and local media, whenever possible.

This is the policy of the Lincoln Center, which handles all box office operations for OpenStage.

Exchanges are limited to the same promoter of your current show tickets, and if available, cost $5 per order. Any exchanges must be completed at least 24 hours prior to the time on your current show tickets. Any cost difference is due at the time of the exchange, and any remaining amount as a result of the exchange is non-refundable. Please call the Box Office at 970.221.6730 to find out if your tickets are exchangeable.

OpenStage prides itself in offering a variety of theatre, including comedies, classics, and cutting-edge dramas. Great stories often include language, characters, or themes that are traditionally considered adult fare. We generally offer some family-friendly plays each year, including our performances in the park, which are open to all ages. Be sure to check out the play page for information on each play’s content, and feel free to call the office at 970.567.7387 with any questions—we will help you find the show that is just your style.

Our administrative staff is currently working 100% remote and we do not have a permanent office location. If you feel you need to have an in-person meeting, please call our staff at 970.567.7387, and we can arrange an appointment.

Please send correspondence to PO Box 617, Fort Collins, CO 80522.

OpenStage is proud to work with 150+ local theatre artists every year, driven by the belief that local artists are vital to a community's creative and economic health. Once an artist works on four shows with OpenStage in two or more years, they become an OpenStage Company Member, the group of artists at the core of OpenStage. We are always looking for new theatre artists to join us, whether for a single production or becoming a Company Member.

Interested in joining us? Learn about auditions or design/technical opportunities at OpenStage.