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OpenStage is outraged by the acts of violence being perpetrated against Black citizens and individuals of color in this country. We are heartbroken by the inexcusable murder of Black men and women by police and by the continuing racial injustice in our economic, judicial, and health care systems. The events playing out on streets across our nation are the inevitable response and result of a long history of systemic and institutional racism.

OpenStage Theatre & Company was founded nearly 50 years ago with the mission of opening hearts and minds. We are committed to listening, learning, and acting in support of our Black, Indigenous and People of Color in our company, community, and country. We stand in solidarity with all who work to bring a societal revolution to our country and fight racism wherever it exists. By adding our voice to the chorus, we fervently affirm that Black Lives Matter and demand justice.

We know that this statement is not enough. Words must be partnered with action. We are committed to being an active partner and ally in this country’s fight for equality. We challenge the individuals and institutions that allow hate and injustice to continue.

There is no place for hate in our art, our company, our community, or our nation.

   -  OpenStage Theatre & Company

June 3, 2020


CSU's Black/African American Cultural Center has a comprehensive list of all black-owned business and services in Fort Collins. View it here!

Aziza Barnes BLKS

Staceyann Chin – Hands Afire, Unspeakable Things, Border/Clash, MotherStruck!

Jordan E. Cooper – Ain't No Mo

Harrison David Rivers – When Last We Flew, Sweet, And She Would Stand Like This, Where the Storms Are Born, A Crack in the Sky, Five Points, This Bitter Earth, To Let Go and Fall, Broadbend, Arkansas

Erika Dickerson-Despenza – cullud wattah, ocean's lip/ heaven's shore, took/ tied hung/split, shadow/land, [hieroglyph]

Jeremy O. Harris – Slave Play, "Daddy", Black Exhibition, Xander Xyst, Dragon:1

Rodney Hicks – Just Press Save, Flame Broiled, Ms. Pearl's Cabaret

Michael R. Jackson – A Strange Loop, White Girl in Danger, The Kids on the Lawn, Only Children

Branden Jacobs-JenkinsNeighbors, War, Appropriate, An Octoroon, Gloria, Everybody, Girls

C.A. JohnsonAll the Natalie PortmansThirst, The Climb, An American Feast, I Know I Know I Know

Donnetta Lavinia Grays – Warriors Don't Cry, Last Night and the Night Before, Laid to Rest, The Review of How to Eat Your Opposition, The New Normal, The Cowboy is Dying

Carmen LoBue – Will You... Hold My Hair Back

Patricia lone Lloyd – Eve's Song, Black Tale, The Trains Is Bound for Glory, Dirty Little Black Girls., The Re-occuring Resurrection of Sweet Leticia Jesus Brown, Household Magic

Donja R. Loveone in two, Sugar in Our Wounds, Fireflies, In the Middle

Griffin Matthews – Witness Uganda, The Family Project

Tarell Alvin McCraney – Ms. Blakk for President, Head of Passes, Choir Boy, American Trade, Wig Out!, The Brothers/Sisters Trilogy: The Brothers Size, In the Red and Brown Water, Marcus, or the Secret of Sweet

Antoinette NwanduPass Over, Breach

Robert O'Hara – Bootycandy, Mankind, Insurrection: Holding History, Zombie: The American, Barbecue, Antebellum, An American Ma(u)l

Azure D. Osborne-LeeMirrors, Crooked Parts, Glass, The Beasts of Warren, Appetite, The Crocus Eaters

Jackie Sibblies DruryFairview, Social Creatures

Korde Arrington Tuttlegraveyard shift, Tripych (Eyes of One on Another), clarity


Books/Lists for Adults

Books/Lists for Children

Embrace Race – Articles, interviews, and webinars

Kidmap – Weekly newsletters on Sunday discussing the latest in diversity in children's media

Racism No Way – Anti-racism activities and lesson plans

Raising Race Conscious Children – Resource for adults wanting to talk to children about race.

Safe Schools – Provides diversity lesson plans, materials, book lists, etc. to help kids feel safe at school

Teaching Tolerance – Articles, interviews, podcasts, and more

Tips for Talking with Kids About Race – Printable PDF from Denver Library

What to Say to Kids When the News Is Scary – Tips from NPR for explaining tough topics

Your Children Aren't Too Young to Learn About Race – A guide provided by Pretty Good

Zinn Education Project – Teaching resources on racism, Black history, and a wide range of social justice issues

100 Race-Conscious Things You Can Say To Your Child To Advance Racial Justice – List of talking points

Anti-Racism Resources for White People – Books, podcasts, articles, and more

Breaking Barriers: Strategies For Inclusivity in Sports – A Guide to Sports Inclusivity

Chemical Hair Straightener Lawsuits – Women may file chemical hair straightener lawsuits if they used the products and later developed uterine, endometrial and ovarian cancer.

Confronting Prejudice: How to Protect Yourself and Help Others –  How one can be an ally and an advocate for change, as well as how people experiencing discrimination can build resilience against these types of behaviors

Ensuring Libraries Are Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive – Article

Everyday Feminism – A list of resources for white people to learn about racism

Fractured Atlas – Tools and tips for talking about race to other adults

Financial Literacy in the Black Community

Guidance for Reporting and Writing about Racism

A Guide on Racism, Inequality, and Health Care for African Americans

Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community – Informational guide

The MSW@USC Diversity Toolkit – A guide to discussing identity, power, and privilege

NPR – Antiracism books, movies, and more

Pandemics: A History of Discrimination

Public Health Resources for Understanding Environmental Racism – Information on how to better address environmental racism in your community

Racial Equality Tools – Resources, education, and a Facebook page to connect with others fighting racism

The Smithsonian – Breaks into sections for teachers, parents, and those dedicated to equality

White Awake – Journal assignments, reflections, study groups, etc. designed to help White people see their biases and work to change them

Women of color in the workplace: The persistent obstacles and how you can rise to meet them – Article



  • Diversity Sauce – Inclusion, diversity, and equality in all children’s media.
  • Integrated Schools – All issues related to race, including “raising white kids in a racially unjust America.”
  • The Daily – 20-minute update Monday-Friday from the New York Times on the latest in Black Lives Matter.
  • Code Switch – Blunt conversations about race.
  • Teaching Tolerance – A variety of podcasts on diversity and equality.
  • Still Processing – How current events impact the Black community.
  • Raising Free People – Weekly podcast devoted to the lives and challenges of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC).
  • Pod Save the People – Interviews important players on race, culture, and social justice issues.