MALINI RAMAKUMAR BARTELS is thrilled to work with OpenStage again after more than a decade! As an avid participant and facilitator of all things artistic in Fort Collins, Malini is no stranger to the stage (parkour gym on the other hand...) Growing up in Oklahoma, she did what most first-generation Indian-Americans do, and earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Now, she juggles her time between working at The Music District, Chef-Instructing at The Cooking Studio, and The National Charity League. Her greatest achievement by far is launching her two clever daughters into the world. Malini is also co-organizer of the Tour de Corgi, the cutest event in all the land. Tremendous thanks to the cast and crew of DANCE NATION for this experience of a lifetime!
Malini's Work in OpenStage Theatre
Event Role
Dance Nation Connie
Journey To The West Seamstress
Casino Royale: the Sting Doll 2
The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (abridged) Assistant Director
Casino Royale Vixen
Anon(ymous) Refugee Chorus/Sewing Lady