TIANA SONG has two superpowers: teaching and storytelling. She fell in love with performing on stage at Augustana College. After graduation, she dabbled in the TV/Film industry while living in Chicago as a journalist. She later became an educator because of her love for literature. She currently is performing in commercials and indie films and is a trained stunt performer. Tiana is passionate about complicating the single narrative exploitation that is culturally told in literature, on camera, and on the stage. She hopes to be a performer who breaks the cycle of flattened, one-dimensional narratives, and to give more authentic and diverse representation. She is honored to be performing with OpenStage and would like to thank her husband, Anthony, and her son, Sebastian, who have supported her journey in the craft of storytelling.
Tiana's Work in OpenStage Theatre
Event Role
Dance Nation Zuzu
The Christians The Wife