SARAH J BAKER is an actor, playwright, dramaturg, and director from Loveland, Colorado. She has an Acting and Theatre Studies degree from The University of Northern Colorado. Sarah is part of the OpenStage staff, where she is the Social Media and Administrative Assistant, and the Dramaturg. Her play, A Wager, was featured in September of 2023 on the podcast, Theatrical Shenanigans. Most recently, Sarah was Assistant Director/Stage Manager/Board Operator for OpenStage’s production of Six Years Old. Treasure Island was her acting debut with OpenStage. Other selected acting credits: Stop Kiss (Callie), Good Water (Mica), Coffee With God (God), Akeelah and The Bee (National Judge), Machinal (Defense Lawyer/Priest), and Love/Sick (Louise/Kelly/Liz). @maybesarahjbaker
Sarah's Work in OpenStage Theatre
Event Role
Dance Nation Assistant Director/Stage Manager
Six Years Old Assistant Director/Stage Manager/Board Operator
Dance Nation The God Mic/Minda
Treasure Island Red Ruth