Diana Walsh, winner of the 2017 OpenStage $10,000 raffle, had this to say about winning the prize.

Winning the raffle prize of $10,000 was an amazing, and outstanding, defining moment in my life.

My husband and I attended opening night of "Don’t Dress for Dinner". I think the decision to actually buy raffle tickets was because I thoroughly enjoyed the play, the intimate setting, and the fun! A great place to witness the arts up front and personal!

Obviously the money is such a gift, however I've been gifted something more than cash. I've been gifted the magic of believing in the "impossible" and  the "not likely". The personal and spiritual aspects of winning this raffle will last a lifetime. The newly instilled belief that wonderful beautiful things can happen to everyday people is something I will carry with me forever. And more importantly the story I can share with others can inspire, bless, and allow that to take root in their own lives.

Thank you Jill Kollar D.M.D. of Precision Dental for sponsoring this extraordinary gift.