5 Days of Thanks, Day 4: Our Audience!

This Thanksgiving week, we would like to take some time to share some things we are thankful for here at OpenStage. Today, on day four – and Thanksgiving Day! – we are thankful for our Audience!

While designing and performing are the passions and joys of our artists, our art wouldn't be complete without the energy of our audience. Every drama, comedy, murder mystery, and musical, we thrive because of the laughter, tears, gasps, and applause during every performance.

To all our audience members: if whether you are new or returning, if you come to see every show of the season or one here and there, THANK YOU! Thank you for your continued support and appreciation for our art. Thank you for filling up the seats in the Lincoln Center Magnolia Theatre, for bringing your picnic blankets to the Park at Columbine Health Systems for our Essential Season. And, for finding your way to the "found spaces" of our etcetera Season. Thank you for your applause. Thank you for sharing your energy and spending your time with us. YOU assist our Artists in making OpenStage excellent!

We can't wait to share the theatre with you again!

Colorado Gives Day is Almost Here!

Colorado Gives Day is December 8th! Schedule a One-Time Donation or become a Curtain Raiser by scheduling convenient monthly donations. You can schedule your Colorado Gives Day contribution as early as today!