Outspoken: A Listening Project, Into the Light

Today we give a shout out to our friends over at IDEA Stages! With a mission to galvanize theater makers to take demonstrable action toward inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility, IDEA Stages is committed to giving voice and space to artists and all who are touched by the medium of theatre.

Last August, IDEAs launched Outspoken: A Listening Project, which premiered on YouTube as a video series. IDEA Stages writes: “This series features interviews with artists and designers who have been marginalized by White American Theatre and speaks out against the industry that has oppressed them. First-hand accounts of abusive practices and policies reveal the need for reforms to all aspects of the theatre-making process. The voices of these outspoken artists call for action while manifesting their desire for thoughtful change to come from this current moment of deep reflection”. 

Outspoken: A Listening Project launched with a 3-episodes series: Youth Voices of the BLM Revolution. Then in January, Outspoken had a fourth episode, The Time Is Now, which focused on theatre artists speaking on being ‘othered’ within the industry.

New Episodes!

Now, IDEA stages is continuing their Outspoken series with a fifth installment, Into the Light. Broken into two episodes, Into the Light brings forth both the challenges and solutions of the problems people of minorities face in the theatre. In Episode 1, The Challenges, “Designers, Directors, Choreographers, Technicians, and Producers tell of the challenges they have faced, the “ism’s” they have encountered and the hills they've had to climb to be respected and heard in their field and the theatre community”. In Episode 2, The Solutions, the artists focus more on the solutions to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in theatre for those behind the scenes.

 As stated by LaDios Muhammad in the program for the project, “Hopefully, this piece will inspire the masses to continue in our collective struggle to combat The Beast of Racism and White Supremacy, together.”

Check Out Into the Light on Youtube

These episodes were directed by LaDios Muhammad, and feature interviews from Lawrence Jackson, Izchel Hernandez, Teri Wagner, Sheila Ivy Traister, Andrew Cseresnyes, Samantha Kaufman, Michael Duran, Bailey McCoy, and Aliza Ciara.

Here at OpenStage we believe in diversity and equality for all theatre-makers, so we are proud to promote the work that IDEA Stages is doing to speak out against the industry and encourage change. Any who are interested can go and check out Outspoken: A Listening Project, Into the Light for free—the episodes premiered on May 7th and May 14th and are currently available to watch on YouTube.


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