Introducing Nicole Gardner as "Roxane" in Cyrano de Bergerac

Welcome back to our Debuting Artist blog series! OpenStage is home to many incredible artists, some who have worked with the company for years and others who are brand new. This week we introduce Nicole Gardner, playing Roxane in Cyrano de Bergerac


Tell us about yourself! Where you’re from, your hobbies, past work, fun facts, or anything that comes to mind!
I graduated with degrees in Theatre Performance and English from CSU mid-pandemic, so this will be my first post-academic production! I am so excited to be back on the stage! While acting is my true passion, I also love painting, exploring this beautiful state, and walking my cats.
What made you decide to audition for Cyrano? What was the audition like?

My Cyrano audition was absolutely the most fun audition I've been on thus far. What set it apart was the welcoming environment - I felt enabled to really explore the text and make bold choices in the room.

Tell me about the character you play in the show.

I play Roxane! I adore this character. She is romantic and bold, she's witty, and she's authentic. She loves deeply and entirely, and she desires to experience as much as she can of life and of the people around her. She swoons over poetry and beauty, and so she has high expectations for anyone who embodies those qualities. Roxane is a fun character to bring to life because, the way she is written, there are a myriad of interpretations I could see to play her, and so I had to pare down all of those perceptions to find the core of her, specific to our version of the show.

How has your experience with OpenStage been so far?

Truly wonderful. I have loved getting to meet and work with so many talented and kind people. OpenStage is a fantastic company. They've established and promote an atmosphere, not only of professionalism and quality, but of support and connection. I can really bring my best work to them because I know that it is a safe, receptive place to do so.

What is your favorite thing about acting?
There are two very different aspects of acting that come up for me as a tie for favorite. The first is, I love collaborating with my cast mates and director to find those *aha!* moments, where it really clicks for everybody in the room, and you've got a product that you're super proud of. Another, more personal, favorite part of acting is working through and understanding the psychology of a character - who they are, and why. People fascinate me, and acting allows me to explore many varying perspectives.
What can audiences look forward to in Cyrano de Bergerac?

A. Some gorgeous romance and epic sword fighting! This show is so much fun, and exposes you to a whole range of physicality and emotion - a true tragicomedy. Cyrano embraces the poetry and drama of life, and I think our audience will just fall in love with these characters and their story.

Do you have any upcoming projects after Cyrano?

I'll let you know! I'm currently auditioning around the state, and I'm excited to see where that will lead me.

Come see Nicole and the rest of the cast in Cyrano de Bergerac, opening July 8th!

Cyrano de Bergerac

Directed and Adapted by Judith Allen

July 8 – July 30, 2022

A sophisticated turn of phrase ... or ... a pretty face? Which will Roxane choose?

Larger than life Cyrano ‒ soldier, philosopher, poet and adventurer ‒ is in love with the resplendent Roxane. Hampered by his self-perceived lack of beauty due to his absurdly large nose, Cyrano offers handsome fellow cadet, Christian, his poetic mastery of language to woo his beloved Roxane. As she falls under the spell of Cyrano’s beautiful letters, believing they are coming from Christian’s beautiful face, war propels the love triangle beyond whimsical antics into love and heartbreak. Full of wordplay and swordplay, as well as the most famous nose in history, Cyrano is a night of comedy, mistaken identity, and romantic tragedy under the stars. Walk-in, bike in or drive-in! Featuring nightly food trucks.