Courtney takes the stage for the very first time with OpenStage in Big Fish: Small Cast Edition!

Headshot for Courtney Kofoed

Tell us about yourself! What theatre or other experiences did you have in this discipline before working on this show?

Hi! I’m a Jersey girl through and through who spent just about a decade in New York City after completing my BFA in Musical Theatre from Pace University! I grew up with VHS tapes of almost every Webber show you can name (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was far and away the favorite) and my love of theatre was solidified when I saw CATS on Broadway at 6 years old. After ferociously scanning the stage for the cast to emerge, I remember finally landing on a giant pair of bright yellow eyes right next to me as the cast slinked through the audience. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some inspirational performers and directors such as Graciela Daniele, Jason Robert Brown, Georgia Stitt, and Ryan Scott Oliver, I've performed in several off-Broadway concerts in spaces like 54 Below and New World Stages, and I recently spent some time in Maine working on children’s shows and a variety of musical reviews!

What is something you spend your free time doing, outside of theatre?

I’m a MAJOR reality TV girlie. My off days recently involve a pilates class, lots of coffee, and Vanderpump Rules or The Housewives of... (pick a franchise. I watch it.) My partner and I also take visits to Estes Park whenever we can for a solid hike and outside time!

How did you hear about OpenStage?

Facebook if you can believe it! I’m brandy new to Colorado and have been anxious to get involved with the theatre community here. I was recommended several Facebook groups by members of the class I take in Denver (Creative Cardio with Sylvia Gregory- cannot recommend this class enough!!) and there was a call for OpenStage! The rest is history.

What is your favorite song from the show? Why is that one your favorite?

HAS to be “Stranger”. This song has made me sob since college and I can assure you that absolutely nothing has changed. Aside from being stunning musically, I love watching Will decide to build a different relationship with his son than the one he had with his father. I think this is what it means to grow-deciding who and how to be.

What has been the most challenging aspect of rehearsals for this show?

TIME (stops)!! Traveling from Denver to create with this cast has been my favorite part of the last month and, as with any rehearsal process, I wish we had endless amounts of rehearsal and bonding time to build this story.

Why is Big Fish important? What do you hope audiences will get out of it?

Big Fish is ultimately a story of understanding. My favorite quote is “Nothing of me is original, I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known” and, though exaggerated, Edward expresses who he is through stories of the people who have impacted him the most. This show explores learning about yourself and those who have helped shape you, coming to terms with how and why you see the world the way you do, and lending others the same grace to unearth parts of themselves that they have maybe put away. The stories that we tell ourselves *about* ourselves can either hurt or heal, and this story feels so dependent upon not only self-exploration but also allowing people to safely and authentically reveal themselves to you in ways you had not previously anticipated. I hope the audience leaves learning that true compassion lies in sharing the parts of yourself that you try to hide, that curiosity rather than judgment builds the deepest bonds, and most importantly- that life is allowed to be fun.


What is your favorite role you’ve played in the past?

This is TOUGH. I’m gonna throw it back to high school and say Fantine in Les Mis. Would love to tackle this one again… an appropriate age hahaha.

What is your favorite musical?

Currently???? It changes weekly, I think. This week I’ll say Sunday in the Park with George! The music and message make me weep (though, many things do).

What projects are you working on next? What is your dream role or dream show to work on? 

At the moment, I’m focused on upcoming auditions and potentially putting together a voice-over reel! Dream role is yet another thing that changes frequently, but Bobbi in Company would satisfy a DEEP part of my heart.

Book by John August
Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa
Based on the novel by Daniel Wallace and the Columbia Motion Picture written by John August

Directed by Noah Racey

March 23- April 20, 2024
Playing at the Lincoln Center Magnolia Theatre

Come see Courtney take the stage in "Big Fish: Small Cast Edition" March 23- April 20!

Based on the celebrated novel by Daniel Wallace and the acclaimed film directed by Tim Burton, Big Fish - Small Cast Edition, tells the story of Edward Bloom, a traveling salesman who lives life to the fullest and fantastical! Edward’s incredible, larger-than-life stories thrill everyone around him—most of all, his devoted wife, Sandra. But their son Will, about to have a child of his own, is determined to find the truth behind his father’s epic tales of mermaids and giants. Big Fish is a heartfelt, powerful, and truly magical musical that reminds us why we love going to the theatre—for an experience that’s richer, funnier, and BIGGER than life itself.