Sincere thanks to everyone who auditioned. If you did not get cast, please know that you were at Final Callbacks because we recognize your talent, and we hope to see you at future auditions!


Marianne: Ariel Greenspoon
Roland: Keegan Bockhorst


Ken Gorman: Andrew Cole
Chris Gorman: Jessica MacMaster
Lenny Ganz: Dan Tschirhart
Claire Ganz: Sydney Parks Smith
Ernie Cusack: Mark Terzani
Cookie Cusack: Heather Lawrence
Glenn Cooper: James Burns
Cassie Cooper: Jessica Emerling Crow
Officer Welch: Steve Wright
Officer Pudney: Sydney Johnson

Ken Ludwig's Sherwood

Robin Hood: Kiernan Angley
Friar Tuck: Steven Sickles
Maide Marion: T.B.A
Deorwynn: Sally Runions
Little John: Andrew Cole
Sheriff of Nottingham: Kirby Anderson
Sir Guy of Gisbourne: Dan Muth
Prince John:  David Austin Groen
Ensemble : Corinne Wieben, Michael Butts, Frances Way, Samantha Hamann