Fall Auditions for  2019-2020 Season


In reference to the character descriptions below—most characters we encounter currently are on the binary and are written with he/him or she/her pronouns and you will see that in the following descriptions. But however limiting the descriptions are, our casting seeks to be as inclusive as possible and we invite gender non-conforming, genderqueer, transgender and non-binary actors to submit for the roles they most identify with.

We will also list race/ethnicity when specific to the character but are otherwise seeking all races and ethnicities.

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or if there are any accommodations we can provide.


By Nick Payne
Directed by Natalie Scarlett
Performs Feb 28 to March 21, 2020
Proposed Rehearsal begin January 2020
etcetera Season
Venue: Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

Notes from the Director

Constellations is a play that artfully illustrates, through a life, death, and love story, the concept of multiple universes. Across an infinite number of worlds, does a person remain the same? The answer is vast and the conversation started is anything but dry.

At times playful, dark, romantic, and doomed, this play’s format gives the audience multiple perspectives on the two characters, Marianne (a quantum physicist, jokester, grieving daughter) and Roland (a beekeeper, romantic, and jilted lover) as they navigate their intersecting path as a couple.

Each life event takes place several times, one after another, providing the audience a multifaceted understanding of who these two are in a variety of circumstances and providing the actors a remarkable challenge in objectives and reactions.

The play will be performed in the Otter Box 360 Dome at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. The projected animation will augment the meta-commentary the play’s structure is making. Original scoring will underline most of the 70-minute play.

Character Description

Marianne: Age 30-55, Female A quantum physicist. Unpretentious, gregarious, funny, inwardly grieving, open to possibility in some areas of life, like love, but in need of control over her own final destiny. She loves her work and it defines her. Requires an actor with emotional range and agility.

Roland: Age 30-55 , Male A beekeeper. Proud, self-depreciating, tender, sensitive, a good listener even when he hates what he’s hearing. Respectful of Marianne’s autonomy.  He is a supportive partner while maintaining his sense of self. Requires an actor skilled at reacting and energetic presence.


By, Neil Simon
Directed by Judith Allen
Performs March 28 - April 25, 2020
Proposed Rehearsals begin mid February
Essential Season
Venue: Fort Collins Lincoln Center 

Notes from the Director

Four couples are about to experience a severe attack of Farce. At a large, tastefully-appointed New York City townhouse, four couples gather to celebrate the tenth wedding anniversary of the Deputy Mayor only to find he has just shot himself. Though only a flesh wound, the host lies bleeding in another room, his wife is nowhere in sight, there is no servant, no food, no ice, no explanation.  Only cocktails and rumors swirl as the confusions and mis-communications mount and the evening spins off into classic farcical hilarity.

To make farce work, an actor must make the character’s eccentric choice of behavior real and believable. More than just being good at pratfalls, slaps and funny faces, the choices must show this everyday person (character) is reasonably normal except for this particular absurd situation that refuses to be reasonable or normal. Study and analysis of deep character motivations won’t be needed for this script, but actors open to being real on stage, adept at physical comedy, being foolish in public and working at a fast dialogue pace should find it right up their alley.

Character Descriptions

All characters ages are 30s - 50s, except for Officer Pudney.

KEN GORMANMale A well-to-do lawyer. Wealthy, but by no means pretentious. Takes 
charge of situations. Halfway through the show a gunshot causes his temporary deafness. 
CHRIS GORMANFemale Another lawyer, married to Ken. Easily flustered. Frantically tries to maintain normalcy at the party. Has recently quit smoking, which drives her to drink a bit more. 
LENNY GANZ Male A wealthy accountant, distraught over the recent destruction of his new car. Starts the show with an extreme case of whiplash. Intolerant of the gossipy-lifestyle that he is often involved in. 
CLAIRE GANZFemale Lenny’s wife. Very concerned with appearances (her's and other's). Likes to gossip. 
ERNIE CUSACKMale A psychiatrist. Affable, always willing to help in any situation, every inch the cliched psychiatrist. Very devoted to his wife.   
COOKIE CUSACKFemale Has her own cooking show. Suffers from extreme back spasms. A bit absent-minded at times.  Adores her husband.
GLENN COOPER Male Running for State Senate. Worried about his reputation and social standing amidst his wife’s public accusations of him having an affair.
CASSIE COOPERFemale Glenn’s insecure, quick to anger wife. Obsesses over her quartz crystals which she claims help to calm her down. 
OFFICER WELCH – Male A city police officer having a rough night.
OFFICER PUDNEY Age 20 - 30  Female or Male Welch’s rookie partner. A strong but silent type. 


By Ken Ludwig

Directed by Candice Andrews
Performs May 30 to June 27, 2020
Proposed Rehearsal begins mid April
Essential Season
Venue: The Park at Columbine Health Systems

Notes from the Director

Packed with thrills, romance, laughter, and immortal characters like Little John, Friar Tuck, and Maid Marian, Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood tells the enduring story of a hero of the people who takes on the ruthless powers that be. So get ready to duck a quarterstaff or two – you won’t want to miss a moment of the swashbuckling fun!

With a bohemian, Medieval and punk undertone, this show is  an opportunity to test your curiosity and do something that’s old but with a new-age inspiration. Sherwood is a modern adaptation of the Robin Hood legend, full of contemporary language and humor. Think Errol Flynn mixed with Robin Hood: Men in Tights.  Now mix that with music inspiration from Flogging Molly, Omnia, Dropkick Murphys, Rumjacks, and Nightcore.  With a medieval feel that compliments the dance and stage combat techniques that will make the show come alive. 

Character Descriptions

Robin Hood: Age 20s - 40s Male, The heroic outlaw; smart, but luckier than savvy; physically athletic; a leading man out of the world of Monty Python; experience with stage combat and/or dance experience preferred. 

Friar Tuck: Age 30s - 40s Male,  The narrator of the play; grounded and witty, could be heavyset; Robin Hood’s jovial companion. 

Maide Marion: Age 20s - 40s Female, A badass ingénue and Robin Hood’s love interest; athletic; experience with stage combat and/or dance experience preferred. 

Deorwynn: Age  20’s– 30’s Female, A lower class, fiery ingénue; physically should be someone who is easy to lift. 

Little John: Age 20’s–40’s  Male,  Robin Hood’s chief lieutenant and second-in-command of the Merry Men; physically, there’s nothing “little” about him; stage combat training preferred; this character does a lot of fighting.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Age 30’s–50’s Male,  A total bumbler, scaredy cat, outcast, schlubby; stage combat and/or dance experience preferred. 

Sir Guy of Gisbourne: Age 18+ Male,  Unspecified/TBD

Prince John: Age 50's Male, Arrogant, and maybe a little insane; seeking a real transformer; also plays: Executioner #4, Midwife, Master Bladen, Much the Miller, Father Goph, and Foreigner #2.  (Additional characters listed for this role are subject to change)

4 Ensemble Actors: Age range varies; these actors will play a variety of characters. 2 Males / 2 Females Ensemble specific roles assignments listed below are subject to change based on final casting and the first read through. Actors need to be comfortable with quick character shifts and costume changes from scene to scene. Minor physical activity. 

Female Ensemble 1: Executioner #1, Heloise, Robin’s Friend, and Margery. A variety of accents preferred.

Female Ensemble 2: Executioner #2, Alize, and Monk #3. Cockney and a variety of accents preferred. A variety of accents preferred.

Male Ensemble 1: Peasant, Robin Friend #3, Ansgot, Monk 2, Robin at 12 and Gaspar. A variety of accents preferred.

Male Ensemble 2: Executioner #3, Robin at 8, Master Godwin, Robin Friend #1, Monk #1, and Foreigner #1. A variety of accents preferred.