Auditions for OpenStage's 52nd Season 2024-2025

Backstage Arts Warehouse 720 E. Vine Drive, Fort Collins

Open Auditions: By Video Submission Only

Please review the Audition Schedule for dates and times.


 OpenStage values equity, diversity and inclusion and will continue to strive toward a broader telling of the human story with our Company of Artists and the plays we produce.  If specific age/race/ethnicity/gender or other attributes are key to the story, it will be clearly stated in the character descriptions for auditions. Otherwise we are seeking actors from all races/ethnicities/ages/genders/physical abilities. Any roles that are pre-cast will be clearly stated in the audition notice and Director's Notes. All character descriptions are taken from the playwright's descriptions within the play.

In reference to  character descriptions —most characters we encounter currently are on the binary and are written with he/him or she/her pronouns and you may see that in the descriptions. However limiting the descriptions are, our casting seeks to be as inclusive as possible and we invite gender non-conforming, genderqueer, transgender and non-binary actors to submit for the roles they most identify with.  

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or if there are any accommodations we can provide. 

Reefer Madness

Book by Kevin Murphy & Dan Studney

Music by Dan Studney Lyrics by Kevin Murphy

Directed by Kenny Moten
Performs Nov 1 - 30, 2024 (including preview)
Rehearsals will begin end of August/ beginning of September, 2024.
Actors are paid a $350 stipend.

Essential Season
Venue: Fort Collins Lincoln Center - Magnolia Theatre

Notes from the Director...

Inspired by the original 1936 film of the same name, this raucous musical comedy takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the hysteria caused when clean-cut kids fall prey to marijuana, leading them on a hysterical downward spiral filled with evil jazz music, sex and violence. 

 Please note: REEFER MADNESS is a highly stylized and satirical political commentary. It contains adult humor, religious parody and drug use as well as suggested violence and sexual explicitness.


Character Descriptions –

THE LECTURER: A severe authority figure who warns the audience of the perils of Reefer. He is the narrator of the show and doubles as many other characters such as Goat-Man, Mr Poppy, Irish Priest, Old Man, Radio Announcer, Ticket-Taker, FDR. He has a constant presence in the show.

*Versatile comedic actor/singer

JIMMY HARPER: A wholesome, innocent, high school teenager who runs into trouble after he is lured into the dangerous world of Reefer. Acting requirements vary from clean cut, all-American good boy to a drug obsessed and addicted felon.


*Comedic Actor/Singer


MARY JANE: Jimmy's sweetheart. A naive, virginal teenage girl. She sees nothing but good in people but when trying to save Jimmy from the perils of Reefer, she has an encounter with a Reefer stick turning her into a sex crazed dominatrix.


*Comedic Actor/Singer with no inhibitions


JACK STONE: The handsome and ruthless proprietor of The Reefer Den. A 30's gangster movie type. Doubles as Jesus Christ & George Washington.


* Versatile Actor


MAE: An attractive, yet slightly haggard dame. She is the hostess of The Reefer Den. She is in a dangerous and sexually abusive relationship with Jack. She can't leave through fear of not getting her hits of Reefer.


*Comedic & Individual Actor/Singer


RALPH WILEY: A denizen of The Reefer Den, formally a fraternity man, his college days ended long ago due to his Reefer habit. He doubles as Sally's baby, Switch Puller and Uncle Sam.

*Tenor/Strong Falsetto

*Versatile Comedic Actor

* Supporting

SALLY: A sexy and seductive resident of The Reefer Den, she possesses the libidinous soul of Mae West combined with the rat-a-tat moxie of vintage Barbara Stanwyck. She doubles as Lady Liberty.

* Mezzo

* Strong Actor/Singer



Ensemble need to be extremely versatile, uninhibited, creative and fun. They play a mix of cameos ranging from Place Card Readers, Reefer Zombies School Kids, Jungle Orgy Dancers, Parents,



The 39 Steps

Adapted by Patrick Barlow

From the novel by John Buchan

From the movie by Alfred Hitchcock
Directed by Jessica Jackson
Performs Jan 10 - Feb 8, 2025 (including preview)
Rehearsals will begin in November 2024.
Actors are paid a $350 stipend.

Essential Season
Venue: Fort Collins Lincoln Center, Magnolia Theatre

Notes from the Director...


Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have The 39 Steps, a fast-paced whodunit for anyone who loves the magic of theatre! This two-time Tony and Drama Desk Award-winning treat is packed with nonstop laughs, over 150 zany characters (played by a ridiculously talented cast of four), an onstage plane crash, handcuffs, missing fingers, and some good old-fashioned romance!

The 39 Steps requires actors who are precise, specific, and have the ability to fully inhabit a style, while being believable. The two clowns must be able to seamlessly shift dialects and physicalities, making each small, outlandish character both believable and distinct. This will require both big bold choices and more nuanced takes. Take risks at the auditions! I’ll let you know if I want to see a different choice. Also, The 39 Steps is not a new show. We’re building upon a collection of great interpretations and productions. Do some research to understand the style of the show: Hitchcock noir  thriller pastiche, National Theatre of Brent straight-faced humor, highly theatrical farce, clowning. 

Character Descriptions

Richard Hannay – 20’s - 50’s. Male presenting character. Any race or ethnicity. One half of the leading duo of the leading duo who possesses the Hitchcock-esque suave, dashing, debonaire qualities. He is an artistic soul, a rebel, and an everyman capable of unlocking a secret heart filled with will and determination, cunning and vulnerability. Actor must be an adept physical comedian, a great listener and responder, and ensemble member.

Annabella/Pamela/Margaret – 20’s - 50’s. Female presenting character. Any race or ethnicity. One half of the leading duo who possesses physical, emotional, and comedic prowess. Actor will play all three roles below, with the possibility of stepping into a clown role or two.

  • Annabella: a brilliant but marked Russian woman who is on the run from spies and killed at their hand. Russian accent preferred.
  • Pamela: a quintessential Hitchcock-esqe leading lady. She is bold, emotionally, and intellectually intelligent, powerful, and fashionable. English accent required.
  • Margaret: a small-town farm worker married off to a cruel man; she is eager to see the world, to help Richard out when he stumbles upon her farm and is willing to risk the consequences from her abusive husband in following her heart and gut. Scottish accent required.20-30, played by same actress, love interest, secret agent, Scottish wife, also involved in espionage and intrigue.

Clown #1 & Clown #2 – Any age. Any gender, race, or ethnicity. Vivacious, debonair, and with substantial authority, the clowns expertly execute 150+ roles with Olympian prowess and skillful comedic timing. Actors shouldn't feel tied to one track as implied by more “traditional” casting, nor to gender identity of any of the clown roles. Versatility with European accents is a plus. Must be able to lift certain set pieces and move adroitly throughout stage and between roles. 


The Minutes

By Tracy Letts

Directed by Sydney Parks Smith

Performs March 21 - April 19, 2025 (including preview)
Rehearsals will begin in January 2025.
Actors are paid a $350 stipend.

Essential Season
Venue: Fort Collins Lincoln Center, Magnolia Theatre

Notes from the Director...

A City Council meeting held in the fictional town of Big Cherry. Mr. Peel, the newest member of Big Cherry's town council, arrives at the meeting to find that Mr. Carp, a fellow member, is no longer on the council. Having missed last week's meeting, Mr. Peel has no explanation for Carp's sudden departure and all his attempts to get to the bottom of his disappearance prove ineffective. "This scathing new comedy about small-town politics and real-world power, from the author of August: Osage County, exposes the ugliness behind some of our most closely-held American narratives while asking each of us what we would do to keep from becoming history's losers."

This play is a tightly wound, fast moving DARK comedy that ends horrifically! The acting needs to be rooted in honesty and what each of these human beings want. Nothing should be played for comedy…even though some of their behavior is absolutely ridiculous.

Character Descriptions 

Mr. Peel:  30s- 40s, male presenting. Earnest and sure of himself. The council’s newest member. Dentist. Smart, idealistic, affable, determined.

Mayor Superba: 50s-60s, male presenting.  Mayor of Big Cherry, small town charisma, people like him. Family man. Firm in his beliefs.

Ms. Johnson: 25 -  30s, female presenting. One of the younger members of the council; no nonsense; the council’s secretary.


Mr. Breeding:  30s-50s, male presenting. A bulldog of a man, part of the old boys club, well connected.

Mr. Hanratty:  40s-50s, male presenting. Extremely earnest and focused, councilman who proposes handicap accessibility for the town’s fountain.

Mr. Assalone:  40s-50s, male presenting. Brother of the sheriff; unscrupulous and shady.

Ms. Innes:  60s - 80s, female presenting. Second longest serving councilperson; Forthcoming, Direct.

Ms. Matz:  40s-50s, female presenting. Chairperson of the Council Rules Committee. Scattered, skittish (on medication), not entirely present.

Mr. Oldfield: 60-80s, male presenting. Longest running member of the Big Cherry City Council. Has overstayed his political years. Irritable.

Mr. Carp:  40s-60s, male presenting. Folksy, moral, hardworking, good-natured, interested in history; discovers a dark secret about the town of Big Cherry. Stands his ground on the moral implications of the discovery.


Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice

By Kate Hamill

Directed by Heather Ostberg Johnson

Performs June 5 - July 12, 2025 (including preview)
Rehearsals will begin in April.
Actors are paid a $400 stipend.

Essential Season
Venue: The Park at Columbine Health Systems (this is an outdoor venue)

Notes from the Director...
This isn’t your grandmother’s Austen! Bold, surprising, boisterous, and timely, this P&P for a new era explores the absurdities and thrills of finding your perfect (or imperfect) match in life. The outspoken Lizzy Bennet is determined to never marry, despite mounting pressure from society. But can she resist love, especially when that vaguely handsome, mildly amusing, and impossibly aggravating Mr. Darcy keeps popping up at every turn?! Literature’s greatest tale of latent love has never felt so theatrical, or so full of life than it does in this effervescent adaptation. Because what turns us into greater fools…than the high-stakes game of love?

Is love a game or a battlefield? Let’s explore shall we? We will tackle this show through tons of physical comedy: I’m thinking a little clown, frantic, and absurd dances. Balanced with the refined and subtle movements only found in the game of love; the twitch of an eye, the flick of a fan, the quick inhale of a breath. Most actors play multiple roles so I’ll be looking for bold character choices and strong physical instincts in which to knit together this insane roster of characters. The trick will be finding realism in these heightened bombastic personalities. The audition will be part workshop and part reading, come warm and ready to play!  

Character Descriptions 

ACTOR 1 (Female presenting)
JANE. Late 20s-early 30s. The eldest and most beautiful Bennet daughter. Kind, idealistic, diffident. Always tries to do the right thing.

MISS DE BOURGH. Lady Catherine’s daughter; a gremlin. Probably allergic to sun. Underneath all her veils, she may be covered in scales.

ACTOR 2 (Female presenting)
LIZZY. A year or two younger than Jane. Clever, spirited; can be sharp-tongued. Gets flustered, which makes her klutzy. Prides herself on good judgment. Not especially beautiful. Very, very scared of marriage, after absorbing the lessons of her parents’ marriage. (The actor playing Lizzy will not double.)

ACTOR 3 (Female presenting)
LYDIA. 14. The youngest Bennet. Lovely, prone to imitating others’ behavior and eavesdropping.

LADY CATHERINE. Patrician Caesar-meets-drill sergeant.

ACTOR 4 (Male presenting)
MR. DARCY. Late 30s-40s. One of the richest men in England. Too proper for his own good; awkward in most social contexts. Prides himself on self-control and good judgment. (The actor playing Mr. Darcy will not double.)

ACTOR 5 (Male presenting)
MR. COLLINS. A pedantic, obtuse man. The original mansplainer, Rector to Lady Catherine.

WICKHAM. An unfairly handsome and charming gentleman. Probably a sociopath. Raised with Darcy.

MISS BINGLEY. A very rich, very beautiful young woman. Fancies herself witty. (May be played by any gender of actor, depending on doubling).

ACTOR 6 (Any Gender)
MR. BINGLEY. Late 30s-40s. Loves the world and the world loves him. Mr. Darcy’s particular friend. Almost literally a dog.

MARY. The third Bennet girl. Violent and dark undertones; prone to pedanticism and sulking. A dark goth Bronte character trapped in an Austen word. Coughs to get attention, or to make a point; may fancy that she is dying.

ACTOR 7 (Any Gender)
CHARLOTTE LUCAS. Same age as Lizzy. A practical girl with a good sense of humor. May be doubled with Mr. Bennet.

  1. BENNET. The patriarch of the Bennet family. Finds amusement in absurdity; often looks for respectable escape from the chaos of his family life. Can be somewhat apathetic; probably a bit depressed, under everything. Enjoys antagonizing. Disappointed in marriage.

ACTOR 8 (Any Gender)
MRS. BENNET. The matriarch of the Bennet family. Mostly a silly woman, of mean understanding and variable temper. Hypochondriac; when she’s upset, she fancies that she’s dying. The business of her life is to get her daughters married. She traumatizes her family with some regularity.

SERVANTS. (All servants with lines in this production happen to be male.)

October Surprise

By Miguel Muñoz

Directed by Miguel Muñoz

Performs  September 27 - October 12, 2024 (including preview)
Rehearsals will begin in August.
Actors are paid a $250 stipend.

etcetera Season
Venue: TBD (etcetera performs in small performance venues and non-traditional spaces)

Notes from the Director...

In the midst of a political crisis at the border, two estranged siblings find themselves running against each other in a crucial Texas Senate election. Maria, a passionate, strong-willed immigration lawyer and political outsider; and her brother Antonio, the new charismatic face of conservatism. But when Maria discovers a life-ruining, campaign-ending secret of her brother’s, she is faced with a heart-wrenching moral conflict. “October Surprise” is an emotional, harrowing, and twist-turning new play about family and morality through the lens of American politics, that asks the question- how far are you willing to go for what you believe in? 

Deeply honest acting! The story’s stakes are grand  and worldwide in scale, but the drama is deeply intimate. The core of everything lies in the familial relationships between the characters, not simply in their political position. Therefore, approach them as people - deeply flawed and driven human beings - rather than caricatures of whatever political side they represent. 

Character Descriptions 

MARIA-Latina, 30-45, female presenting.  Passionate, strong-willed immigration lawyer. A fierce warrior for the community she's dedicated to. Holds both deep-seeded resentment for her family, and a desperate desire to connect with her brother. Deeply uncomfortable in the role of politician. Naturalistic, multi-layered, heart and soul of the play. (Some fluency in Spanish required) 


ANTONIO-Latino, 30-45, male presenting. Extremely charismatic and charming older brother of Maria. Excellent orator and smooth talker. Behind the mask of an ultra-talented politician are trauma and sadness buried deep, but rarely shown. Surrounded by an air of mystery and mistrust, but never to be played as a villain. (Some fluency in Spanish required) 


CINDY- White, 35-50, female presenting. Campaign manager for Maria. Pushy, determined, and a little wacky. Constantly trying to balance the role of friend and the role of political advisor. Slightly corrupted by the game of politics. In the midst of all her comedy and conflict, she holds deep care and worry for Maria. 


DOLORES-Latina, 65+ female presenting. The elderly, possibly senile mother of Antonio and Maria. Extremely loving of her son, but neglectful of her daughter's efforts. Overwhelmed by grief, illness, and longing for her son. (Some fluency in Spanish required) 


LAKE ROBERTS/THE PRINCIPAL- Any ethnicity/race, 30-50,male presenting. Television host of political interview shows and network news. Armed with the typical, flashy skills of a newscaster. Overwhelmingly neutral force. Representative of the role of media throughout the whole play. Actor will participate in various pre-filmed news segments that will be screened during production, as well as on-stage performance. Actor will also play The Principal.


RICKY- Any ethnicity/race,30-45, male presenting. Flirty, charming guy that Maria goes on a date with. 


ENSEMBLE(1-2)- All actors considered. Play the roles of legal assistants, television crew, newscasters, and radio voices.


Agnes of God

By John Pielmeier

Directed by Jessica Emerling Crow

Performs May 8 - 24, 2025 (including preview)
Rehearsals will begin in March.
Actors are paid a $250 stipend.

etcetera Season
Venue: TBD (etcetera performs in small performance venues and non-traditional spaces)

Notes from the Director...

Summoned to a convent, Dr. Martha Livingstone, a court-appointed psychiatrist, is charged with assessing the sanity of a novice accused of murdering her newborn. Miriam Ruth, the Mother Superior, determinedly keeps young Agnes from the doctor, further arousing Livingstone’s suspicions. Who killed the infant, and who fathered the tiny victim? Livingstone’s questions force all three women to re-examine the meaning of faith and the power of love, leading to a dramatic, compelling climax.

Despite its age, the themes in this show are super relevant today and will explore feelings of faith vs. science, childhood trauma and women's rights.  Given that this will be performed in etcetera, the performance space will be intimate and require all performances to be nuanced, subtle and hyper-realistic.  Please be prepared to work in that way at auditions.

Character Descriptions 

Mother Miriam Ruth: PRECAST

Dr. Martha Livingston: PRECAST

Agnes: 18 -30s, female presenting. Naive, sheltered. Innocent. Completely believes in the religion she was taught. Must be a singer.