Final Callbacks

October 2019 Auditions

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. It was a wonderful round of auditions, and if you were not called back, it was because we didn't see a role for you at this time. Everyone who attended is definitely talented and we hope to see you at our next auditions in the spring.

Please note that other individuals may be at final callbacks for each show and that some individuals, who are not able to attend auditions next weekend, may still be in consideration for a role.

If you would like a digital copy of a show you are called back for, please email your request to [email protected]


Final Callbacks: Saturday, Oct 19, 10am to 1pm

  • Please come prepared to move. All auditioners will be participating in simple fight choreography.
    Please click on the music links below to get an idea of the style/feel that Candice wants for the show.

Kirby Anderson
Kiernan Angley
David Austin-Groen
Michael Butts
Greg Clark
Andrew Cole
Jaye Cooney
Esther Goldman
Ariel Greenspoon
Samantha Hamann
Dan Muth
Sally Runions
Walter Sharpe
Steven Sickles
Joe Vader
Frances Way
Corinne Wieben
Kathleen Wright











Final Callbacks: Saturday, Oct 19, 2pm to 4pm

All actors that are called back will be receiving sides via email.


Aleah Black
Keegan Bockhorst
Bradley Callahan
Andrew Cole
Nicole Gawronski
Ariel Greenspoon
Sara Minerd
Robert Moore
Tabitha Tyree
Corinne Wieben




Final Callbacks: Sunday, Oct 20, 10am to 1pm

Please wear clothing and shoes you can move in. We will be crawling around on the floor for part of the audition process.
Gentlemen, please click on the link below. Come to the audition prepared to read any and all of the monologues listed.
Ladies, click on the link below. Come to the audition prepared to read Chris's monologue.

David Austin-Groen
James Burns
Charlie Carlton
Andrew Cole
Jessica Crow
Bruce Dunn
Ariel Greenspoon
Sydney Johnson
Heather Lawrence
Jessica Leatherman
Jessica MacMaster
Molly McGuire
Walter Sharpe
Sydney Smith
Mark Terzani
Dan Tschirhart
Sarah Wilhelm
Steven Wright

Monologues for the Gentlemen

Monologue for the Ladies