Recent UNC graduate and our very own Admin/Social Media Assistant, Sarah J Baker, makes her OpenStage on-stage debut as Red Ruth in "Treasure Island"

Tell us about yourself! What theatre or other experiences did you have in this discipline before working on this show?

I went to UNC and studied both Acting and Theatre Studies. I've been doing theatre for about a decade now. I started out with acting and writing, and those are both still my biggest passions. I also got into directing and dramaturgy in college, and I still do both of those too. So I'm usually busy doing one thing or another involving theatre.

How did you hear about OpenStage?

I had been researching Fort Collins theaters and found the website for OpenStage. Then I started working here!

How familiar were you with "Treasure Island," the book or the stage adaptation, before you were cast in this show?

I had heard "Treasure Island" but hadn't read the book or seen any adaptations before, so this whole show was a new experience for me.

What made you decide to audition for this production?

I wanted to get involved in OpenStage's productions and the theatre scene in Fort Collins as a whole, so as soon as I could audition for a show here I did.

What was the most challenging part for you throughout rehearsals?

This is a character very unlike any I've played before so there were many challenges. I'd say trying to do a proper Cockney accent while still making it clear and understandable for the audience when performing outdoors was one of the biggest things I had to figure out.

What was the most exciting thing you did in rehearsals?

I'd say the fight choreography and bigger group scenes were the most exciting to work on. They were challenging because there were often lots of living pieces or other people to coordinate with, but watching them come to together was satisfying.

What is your favorite scene or sequence in the show?

My favorite scene is the one with a British flag in it, you'll know it once you've seen it. It's one of my bigger scenes and a ton of things happen that really escalate the story.

Which sea shanty sung in the show is your personal favorite?

That's a hard one. I really like Blow the Man Down, but Leave Her Johnny is up there for me too.

If you couldn’t pick the one you play, who is your favorite character in the show?

I really like Grey and Grandma. They are so funny!

What is something you spend your free time doing, outside of theatre?

I take care of the plants in my home! I've got about 60, so they require plenty of maintenance. But it's totally worth it, they make my place look and feel so lovely. If I have it my way I'm going to eventually have my place be filled with as many plants as a Rainforest Cafe (although they'll all be real!).

What is the importance of this show today? What do you hope the audiences get out of it?

This show has some important themes involving honesty, deception, and coming of age. It's also a classic beloved story that people want to see!

What projects are you working on next? What is your dream role or dream show to work on?

I'm finishing up editing a play I wrote recently and starting writing on a new one. Hopefully, I'll be working to get my finished play produced somewhere soon!

By Robert Louis Stevenson
Adapted by Bryony Lavery

Directed by Kate Austin-Gröen

June 3 – July 1, 2023
Playing at the Park at Columbine Health Systems

Come see Sarah and the rest of the cast in "Treasure Island" June 3 – July 1!

Set sail on a thrilling journey with cutthroat pirates, a treasure map, and a courageous young girl named Jim, who becomes entangled in a dangerous swashbuckling expedition. Jim gets more than she bargains for when she embarks on a daring sea voyage to an exotic island where a hoard of gold and gems is buried. Awash with treachery, mutiny, and unforgettable characters, including the infamous Long John Silver, Treasure Island comes alive in an epic theatrical adaptation of one of the world’s greatest adventure stories. Featuring nightly food trucks!